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By popular demand I've decided to make this a 2min and Jongkey story~!:D Don't fret 2min fans, this is ultimatly a 2min fic, so there will naturally be more of it than Jongkey~ But there will be lots of nice Jongkey, egh! Just enjoy this already!xD

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Taemin tapped his pencil on his desk in a small rhythm; Key was talking to him and Onew about their homework last night, though he wasn’t paying much attention to him. He looked ahead of him at the empty seat and frowned, class had almost started and Minho wasn’t here yet.

”Taemin…Taemin!!” The said boy hopped a bit in his seat.

“What, huh, what?”

Key sighed, “I was asking you if you got the answer to number four.” “Oh!” Taemin covered his mouth and rummaged through his bag until he found what he was looking for. He placed the smooth piece of paper in front of him and read his answers aloud, “Ah, good, good, that’s just what I got.” Onew nodded and they exchanged answers for a bit until Minho came and sat in his seat.

Taemin stopped talking and just nodded whenever he heard his hyungs say something, whoa, he looks really handsome today! Taemin smiled and chuckled a bit, the object of his attention then turned around and looked at him, Taemin inwardly, ‘eeped’.

What’s so funny over here?”

He said in his big voice that made the maknae weak at the knees, “We were looking at our homework, a-and Onew got a silly question wrong,” Onew looked at him puzzled.

“Oh that’s right, we had homework last night!” He fished from his own bag and pulled out the work. “Dang, I didn’t finish.”

“I-I could help you!” Taemin piped up.

“Ehem.” Key interrupted, “Ah, you and Onew can work together without me, right?” Key eyed Minho suspiciously, “sure, sure,” he smiled lightly at his cute son; he couldn’t really ever stay angry at him.

The two moved to their assigned seats, but before doing so diva sneered at the older man beside his little Taemin, there was something not right about this.

“So what did you miss?” The younger boy looked up happily at Minho who couldn’t help but smile back.

 “Ummm, numbers 17-25.”

“Ah, that’s a lot!”

“Yeah, I kinda got busy singing wi-”

“You like to sing??”

Taemin looked genuinely excited and Minho swore he saw his invisible tail wagging. “Haha, yeah, it’s like a hobby and junk.” “That’s so cool!!” The enthused boy smiled even brighter at him. Minho coughed a bit and looked away.

“Huh? What, do you think I’m lying? I’m really not, I’m not making fun of you of anything, honest!” The taller boy covered half his face and looked in the other direction, “Ah, no it’s not that…” Taemin looked at him with a confused look on his face, “then what is i-“

“Okay class! I think I gave you enough time to study,” Jaejoong clapped his hands, deterring everyone from their talking; “now let’s start the lesson, shall we?”

“Oh shoot, we didn’t finish your questions!” Taemin pouted.

“It-it’s fine,” Minho shook his head and quickly turned his attention to the progressing lesson. Taemin looked at the back of his head sadly.

Darn it! I was too pushy, wasn’t I? Then I got off the subject when he said he could sing, ah, I must have sounded so pathetic being all stupid and loud like that! He sighed; He must totally hate me now, man why do I have to be so dumb? Now he’ll never want to be friends with me. He rested his face on his hands and watched the lesson boringly; he didn’t feel his best right now.

Onew poked Key’s shoulder and the younger boy’s interested piqued away from the ongoing lesson, “What is it?” He asked, sounding a bit relieved to be interrupted from the boring lecture, “Taemin looks sad.”

Key looked across the room at the maknae to see him frowning and pouty, “Ah, he must miss us,” he looked to Onew and the other boy nodded, “his seat is so unlucky, we should buy him some banana milk for lunch to make him feel better.”

“Definitely,” Onew agreed. Key was about to turn his head back to his studies when he felt his sleeve being pulled from behind, he regretfully turned around to the smiling face of his annoying seat neighbor.

“Aish, what do you want?”

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t be rude, we’re friends right?”

Key’s nose twitched at the mention of the word but he ignored it, “so what do you want?” “Well, you see, I kinda got busy last night, anddd, I forgot that we had homework sooo…”

He looked up at Key with pleading eyes, the divalicious boy’s breathing stopped for a minute and he shook his head from thought, “fine, fine, whatever, but don’t you dare touch my beautiful clothes again!” The blonde laughed and took the paper being offered to him, “Yeah, my bad, thanks man! I totally owe you!”

A white bullet shot from the front of the classroom and hit Jonghyun in the head. “Ouch!! What the hell?!” “There is no talking in my class Mr. Kim!” The class giggled a bit until he shot them all stares and the class reverted back to silence.

”Sheesh! Chill out teach!” Jaejoong scoffed loudly and turned back to the board mumbling something about the youth of today.

“Really though, thanks a lot man,” Jonghyun whispered into Key’s ear and the startled boy almost fell out of his chair. “Hahaha, dude you’re hilarious!” he cackled loudly and slapped his desk, nearly dodging another piece of chalk that was thrown at him from his irritated teacher.

Key held on to his ear with stained pink cheeks, this idiot was going to kill him before the year’s end. Across the room Taemin stared solemnly at the crazy scene unraveling, he sighed, I wish Minho and I got along like that. 

I kinda like how this came out, unrushed and simple~

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It begins
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It was the first day of the new school year and students crowded the halls rushing here and there looking for their correct class numbers and meeting with friends they hadn’t seen all summer. Everyone seemed lively and excited to share vacation stories and make fun of new teachers. Taemin, Onew and Key walked up the sidewalk and through the large red double doors with smiles plastered over their faces, they had all gotten their schedules ahead of time and knew that they all shared a class second hour.

“So do you think government will be fun?” Taemin piped up smiling at his hyungs.

“Meeh, I never really cared for political things,” Onew grimaced, “that’s because the only class that interests you is lunch,” Key chimed in, referring to a conversation they had earlier when Onew found out every Monday chicken would be on the menu.

The three boys laughed and through half-hearted punches at the each other. The bell signaling school suddenly rung and the boys groaned at the unwanted kill-joy.

“Aish, I have topics next,” grumbled Key. “Touch luck, I heard the teacher’s some guy named Taeyang, and he can’t get through one lesson without taking off his shirt, “Onew pointed out matter-of-factly as Key slapped his palm to his forehead.

Taemin laughed, “chill out guys, this is gonna be fun, just watch!” The group smiled at their maknae, he always seemed to make them feel better with his silly reasoning. They all waved to each other and headed off to their first class period, during which Taemin couldn’t sit still with how excited he was thinking he’d see all his hyungs the next hour.

Class went by all too slowly but eventually the bell rang and everyone jumped out of their seats; the boys met up in front of the door to their next period and greeted each other happily.

“Ahhh, my class was so awful! But at least we get to spend this one all together!” Onew grinned, “just make sure you make a good impression on the teacher, I hear he’s kinda a diva,” Taemin remarked. “Pfft, well he’s going to have to work pretty damn hard to out diva me,” Key scoffed tossing a piece of hair over his shoulder.

“Hahaha, whatever, let’s just hurry up and go in so we can get seats next to each other!” Taemin exclaimed and pushed the two into the classroom.

The room’s walls were filled with historical quotes and tons of posters of old dead guys, they hadn’t even learned anything yet and they already felt tired.

“Look!” Taemin squealed pointing to three open desks in the front row, “it’s like they were made for us!” “Minnie I don’t want to sit in the front row,” whined Key, “Teachers always call on me because I’m so handsome.”

Onew snickered and earned a nudge in the ribs from the pouty diva, “well then he’ll see you wherever you sit since you’re pretty,” remarked Taemin ignoring the two and pulling them onto the two seats beside him, keeping the middle for himself course.  

The trio made small talk until the final bell rung and a large slam was heard, all eyes went up to a very handsome man with a smooth frown across his soft face.

“Welcome students, to your first day of Government!” Though it was intended as a greeting, it sounded a lot more like a command.

“I will be in charge of your teaching this year, my name is, Kim Jaejoong,” his voice deepened upon mentioning his own name. “I am 180cm, my blood type is O and my favorite fruits are apples and bananas.” The longwinded intro went on for about 6 minutes not sparing the smallest detail, until finally the fussy man took a breath.

“But this class isn’t about me!” The classroom exchanged puzzled glances, “I don’t want any of you ever getting off topic when I’m teaching!” Taemin blinked; clearly this man had just wanted to talk about himself.

Jaejoong clapped his hands together, “now that we’re all familiar with each other!”

No one else had even said a word.

“Let’s get you into your assigned seats!” “Ehhh?!” Taemin ‘s mouth dropped a bit,”b-but how come?” He was quite upset with this, “because I won’t tolerate shenanigans in my classroom young man,” he shook a finger at Taemin reminding the boy very much of Key when he scolded him. Taemin didn’t like breaking the rules, so he pushed his lower lip up cutely and stood in the back of the room in wait of his new seat.

“This bites!” Onew frowned; he pulled Key closer to him and fake sobbed, “now it’ll be like we’re lovers separated by a winding sea!” Key rubbed his temples while Taemin laughed, how’d he ever get stuck with these two?

Beside him a boy a bit shorter than he was bumped into him and gaffed very loudly at a joke his friend had told him, egh, but I’d take them over something like this any day. He mentally scoffed at the rude teenager, please god don’t let him sit next to me.

Jaejoong continued to call out names, leaving an eager Taemin crossing his fingers and hopping up and down; unfortunately Onew’s name was called without his. The maknae pouted and looked to Key with a pleading look; the older boy patted his head affectionately and whispered an inaudible, “sorry!” As name was called soon after.

Taemin inwardly whined as he was seated in the top-right corner, three rows from his hyungs who had both gotten the same row, how unfair! He grumbled quietly, though the tall person in front of him seemed to hear his hushed complaints and turned around swiftly. “Haha, chill out little guy, it can’t be that bad, right?”

The small boy was about to utter out some annoyed reply when his breathe caught in his throat. He’d stared up, and what he saw he couldn’t believe.

Sitting there in front of him, jokingly teasing him was the handsomest boy he’d ever seen, the latter had a strong jaw line and large eyes, and he was big too, at least 5 inches taller than Taemin. His long hair had a few wispy curls that the smaller boy couldn’t take his eyes off of, and his hands were huge, they looked like they could wrap all the way around Taemin’s waist.

The laughing boy stared at his quizzically, ah! Is my mouth open?! Indeed it was, Taemin shook his head quickly and chuckled a little.

“I’m sorry! It’s just you’re so cool looking!” He said truthfully.

 “Cool looking?” He blinked then again broke into loud laughter. Taemin giggled lightly, this boy’s laugh was contagious.  The amused scene was brought to halt with a clunk as their new teacher chucked a thin piece of chalk in their direction.

“We’re ready to start class now Minho.”

His mouth was turned upside down and he did not look amused in the slightest; Taemin guessed this teacher had already had a class with the snickering boy before this.

“Ah! My bad!” The tall boy bowed halfway and turned his attention to their superior, but not before turning to Taemin and whispering, “Sorry for busting ya sunshine,” then rustling his smooth blonde locks and turning away.

Class began quickly after that as Jaejoong briskly went through the year’s agenda, but Taemin was hearing any of it, his gaze was directed at the back of Minho’s head.

Minho, huh?  He sighed absent mindedly.

Maybe this class wouldn’t be so bad.


Key waved eagerly at Taemin from across the room but the boy somehow didn’t see him or Onew, he huffed and seated himself properly giving up only to get kicked in the back of his chair.

He looked back only to be face-to-face with the obnoxious short boy from earlier; he had been laughing about something loudly and just then turned his attention to the irritated boy in front of him. He looked at him with interest then suddenly reached out and grabbed his nose, pinching it twice while singing, “Honk honk!” Key smacked his hand away and turned back to his seat.

“Jonghyun you’re a riot!”

This class was going to be awful.
I'm realllll sorry, it was a bit of a run-on, I know >>;;

But totally necessary to the plot! And now it's out of the way!xD You love me right?

So I'm thinking about adding a little Jongkey romance in here? What do you think? Feel free to appose! I'm trying to make you guys happy afterall~!>W<;;//

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Is it okay if I like you?
Taemin sighed and twiddled his pencil in small circles on his desk. His expression was a mix of concern and excitment, but the humdrum lecture escaping Jaejoong-seonsangnim’s fleshy lips was not the cause of the maknae’s enthusiasm; his gaze was directed at the lean dark-haired figure sitting in front of him. He sighed again and tilted his head to the side in an attempt to get a better view of the body in front of him.

He leaned forward trying to enhance his view the best he could, but in the process leaned too far and snapped the pencil he was leaning on in half, sending him face-first  into his unfinished homework. The classroom emitted in laughter at the sound of Taemin’s face hitting the desk and the cause of the accident turned around to see what the buzz was all about.

“Haha, you’re too clumsy Taemin! What are you even doing back here?”He chuckled lightly.

But before the embarrassed  high schooler could answer he was again hit in the head, this time by a small piece of chalk.

“Were you sleeping in my class Mr. Lee?” Jaejoong furred his brows then sent a look to the class that said, “Shut up or you’re all getting F’s,” and they quieted. Taemin blushed.

“O-of course not Mr. Jae..!”  He grabbed the working half of his number two pencil and scribbled something meaningless on the sheet of paper in front of him in an attempt to look busy.

“Well then.” His teacher replied and turned back to the board to continue the lesson. Taemin blow out a breath of relief and dropped his broken utensil, “Egh, why does this always happen when I’m trying to be sneaky?” “Jae’s a real whiner aint he?” A strong voice interrupted his thoughts. Taemin looked up into the large eyes and almost gasped.

”Y-yeah, he really is!” He smiled at the taller individual. “Haha, and you really are something, this is like the 3rd time this hour that you hurt yourself.” He pointed at the curly-haired boy’s abused forehead.”Hey! It’s not my fault this class is so boring!” “Well you got that right, keke,” His eyes lowered themselves over Taemin’s top half and the smaller boy’s heart skipped a beat.

“Hey, you need another pencil?”

Taemin mentally slapped himself when he realized his senior was looking at the yellow writing tool on his desk and not at himself.”Oh yeah, totally!” The young man leaned down and scuffled through his bag and Taemin admired how his manly shoulders moved as they searched the deep contents of the backpack, his head snapped up as the boy resurfaced.

“Here ya go, it’s kinda crappy though, you probably have to sharpen it,” he scratched the back of his head and laughed softly.

“No, it’s perfect!” Taemin tried to hide his excitement and just smiled widely, clutching the chewed on pencil tightly.

“Whatever, if you say so,” he shrugged and turned his attention back to the sleepy assignment in front of him. The younger boy pouted a bit when the conversation ended but couldn’t be too upset considering he was now holding his crush’s pencil.

Yup, Taemin had come to terms with that word not too long ago as he tossed and turned in bed beating himself up with reasons why a boy would be having these kinds of feelings for another boy.

“Waaah!” Taemin whined rolling over in bed gripping his fingers around his small periwinkle blanket. They were both guys!! Girls and guys don’t do that sort of thing! Key-hyung had told him so! He reasoned.

But whenever he thought of those gorgeous eyes staring at him when he walked into class, or those pretty lips that asked him if they had homework yesterday, egh! It was just too much!! He smoothed his face into his pillow and whined.

If he kept having such girly thoughts like this people would only tease him even more. “Girly, girly Taeminnie, boys make him happy!♪” He bit his pillow fiercely as if he was trying to chew the scenario away, “no! I’m a boy! And boys like girls!” He punched his pillow trying to convince himself of something he was not so convinced of.

”Ha! A manly boy with manly…um…Punches!”

He let out a grunt imitating the ones he’d heard Bi Rain rumble when he’d watched, ‘Ninja Assassin’ last night then cackled a, ‘Haha!’ For extra measure. At his last punch however he let out a ‘squeak’ and stopped, he had accidentally punched his stuffed animal Pooki and he picked the stuffed toy up and gathered it to his chest. “Uwaah! Pooki I’m so sorry!!” he petted the soft synthetic fur and cooed at the toy dog.

”I didn’t mean to hit you!” He continued to pet the small thing and sighed, leaning back onto his bed so he was sitting and looking up the ceiling.

“I’m pretty hopeless, aint I Pooki?” The toy didn’t respond but Teamin giggled anyhow and patted it’s head.

”Yeah, as if looking like a girl wasn’t enough, I have to act like one too!” He didn’t sound so upset however and he managed a small smile. “Maybe it’s not so bad liking him…I mean, it could be worse, right?” He lifted Pooki up into the air and smiled at him brightly.

“Okay! I’m just gonna try my best! Staring at him isn’t wrong right? It’s not a bad thing to admire someone, huh?” He continued with the unanswered questions convincing himself to be brave.

“Keke, I can still be manly and think another guy’s manly too! Yeah, it’s just like a dad and his kid, right?”

The maknae snickered happily, this could totally work!!

Back in class Taemin smiled as he wrote down the meaning of the term Ex-Post Facto, he held the chewed-up pencil in his hand happily. Even Jaejoong’s tireless lesson couldn’t get him down today, not when his tummy was swimming with such happy bubbles. It was okay to feel like this huh? It wasn’t bad that this person made him feel so happy. He grinned and whispered ever so quietly, “Is it okay if I like you, Minho?”

Author's Note: Hello everyone!! This is my very first Kpop fic! I really hope it's satisfactory!! I’m trying really hard!!*0*

There won't be any naughty bits until later, so I hope that's not the only reason you're here~;D

I have a plan for this, so I hope you'll stay with me till the end!:”D

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A New 2minfic~♥

2min, Minho, Taemin, Key, Onew, Jonghyun


Why does liking someone have to be so hard?

If only I could stay here just like this everything would be so much simpler!

I guess I'll just have to figure this out on my own...


Title: Is it okay if I like you?
Pairing: 2Min ♥ TaeminxMinho
Rating: PG-NC-17(For later chapters)

A/N: I'm hoping this will get even a little attention here, I think it's pretty good, I hope you will too!♥

Disclaimer: No I don't own 2min, but I own their bodies.

This is a Highschool fiction detailing the boy's lives in the same class and Taemin's feelings as he tries to cope with being in love with the cool-heading class hunk Minho.

I have tons of ideas for this, and it should get preeetty dirty, so I hope you all stick around!♥

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